Bible Study

A Year of Faith Bible Study

7 week Bible Study

DATE: beginning Tuesdays, April 9

TIME: 6:30 PM

COST: $5.00 (to help cover cost of book)

RSVP for book:

Call/text Clare Crone  (717-752-4006) email

LOCATION: Held in the rectory next to Church

Our society is struggling with what Pope Benedict has called “profound crisis of faith that has affected many people.”

In response, the Holy Father has called us all to a Year of Faith from October 2012 to November 2013.

This book is a wonderful guide to experiencing a conversion, growing in faith, and following Jesus Christ more closely. It shows us how to integrate every component of our life – relationships, morality, work, recreation, and all – into a meaningful whole.

Make the most of Pope Benedict’s Year of Faith, walking hand in hand with Fr. Pacwa as he guides you through the beauty and insights of Scripture in relationship to your everyday life.